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Enterprise Digital Transformation (Hong Kong) Practice Tour
Expert: ROSE (Silicon Valley)
Expert: MARSH (Silicon Valley)
Expert: MARSH (Silicon Valley)
Expert: ROSE (Silicon Valley)
Metaverse Empowers Digital Countryside
Shenzhen's "Agricultural Power and Revitalization of Hundred Counties"
Digital Rural ConstructionShenzhen is promoting the development of an "agricultural powerhouse and revitalizing hundreds of counties", assisting 106 counties with technology and finance. From April...
Enterprise Digital TransformationThe core of infrastructure construction in the "digital economy" is the "digital enterprise". The key to the success of enterprise digital economy transformation li...
Entrepreneurship Partners HatchIn recent years, with the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, more emerging forms of flexible employment and entrepreneurship have emerged. ...
Metaverse Sharing Platform
Entrepreneurship Plan for 1000 College Studentsrs
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Use APCA innovation investment fund resources to provide seed capital investment and listing recommendation for innovative Metaverse projects

Metaverse teaching and training in Japan uses Internet and artificial intelligence technology to help students quickly master operating skills

VR remote teaching in Tokyo, Japan serves medical teaching, helping students visualize teaching materials and interact with internships


Utilize APCA's international event resources to recommend digital products to international exhibitions and forums for publication

Customer feedback on us
The expert advice is serious, the project architecture design is perfect, the project application innovation points are many, the cooperation process is clear, the docking is smooth, the service mode is many, there is consultation, consultation, planning, development, to meet all the needs of the enterprise Metaverse application.
We provided professional expert consultation on Metaverse solutions, provided us with the design architecture of Metaverse applications after reaching the cooperation intention, provided us with excellent Metaverse development team to implement project development, and provided us with system application maintenance to ensure the successful application of our Metaverse project.

Bill Marth
President of New International Technology Co., Ltd

Japanese Metaverse Technology Team

International Metaverse Planning Expert

Partners of Fortune Global 500 Enterprises


Amazon Cloud Technology One of the Metaverse project solution partners

Huawei Cloud Platform

One of the cloud application partners of the Metaverse project

APCA Metaverse Expert Committee Project Implementation Agency

" Make Metaverse More Easier "

Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Tokyo

Metaverse Sharing Platform     メタ宇宙共有プラットフォーム