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Overseas market development

Enterprise entrusts to establish an office in Tokyo, Japan

Can communicate with Japanese companies and develop the Japanese market

Enterprise Technical Advisor

The company hires technical consultants from Japan

Can obtain the latest application solutions for Japanese AI/Metaverse

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Recommended AI/Metaverse Application Technologies Helper enterprise technical consultants are all local engineering experts from Japan, who have rich experience in AI/metaverse project planning and...
Guide and Implement AI/Metaverse Projects Helper enterprise technical consultants are all local engineering experts from Japan, who have rich experience in AI/metaverse project planning and impleme...
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Skills Training

Guidance from enterprise

technical consultants

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Helper Assistant's enterprise technical consultants are young engineers with superb skills in AI and metaverse applications. They follow the service principle of "customer service customization and satisfaction first", think for users, help users solve all problems in digital applications, provide technology and projects, and make selfless contributions to the development of the enterprise. Here, thank you to Helper Assistant.

The Helper Assistant has made significant contributions to our company's digital transformation by dispatching enterprise technical consultants, creating practical artificial intelligence applications and improving office efficiency. With their help, enterprises can not only keep up with the trend of the times, but also seize the opportunity and achieve leapfrog development in their business.

The enterprise technical consultant of Helper Assistant has exquisite technical strength and rich practical experience, which can customize the AI and metaverse application solutions required by the enterprise, and participate in the planning and implementation throughout the process. It is the backing and technical strength that our enterprise relies on.

Bill Marth

President of New International Technology Co., Ltd

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Overseas Market
Technical Advisor

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Asia Pacific Cloud Application Alliance

APCA AI/Metaverse Expert Committee

Tokyo, Shenzhen, Hong Kong

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